Cancer research

Our mission is to lead Queenslanders in a partnership against cancer. The world-class research we support and conduct leads to better outcomes for those affected by cancer by improving cancer prevention, early detection, wellbeing, and survival.

Viertel Cancer Research Centre 

Our research aims to:  

  • Improve cancer prevention and early detection   
  • Understand and address the needs of those affected by cancer   
  • Understand the epidemiology of cancer  
  • Drive high quality research to improve outcomes for children with cancer  
  • Translate evidence into improved programs and services  

The Viertel Cancer Research Centre focuses on three key areas:  

We adopt a multi-disciplinary approach, working together to improve individual and community-level cancer outcomes.  

At Cancer Council Queensland, we gratefully acknowledge the support of the Sylvia and Charles Viertel Charitable Foundation, whose significant and ongoing commitment to the Viertel Cancer Research Centre makes our vital research possible. 


Research funded by Cancer Council Queensland  

Cancer Council Queensland also supports external Queensland-based cancer research through: 

The Cancer Clinical Trials Support Scheme: We’re supporting clinical trial activity in Queensland.  

The Next Generation Cancer Research Fellowships Scheme: We’re supporting early career cancer researchers in Queensland.  

Learn more about research funded by us and access information for current grant recipients.  


Leveraging cancer data  

Communicating accessible, accurate cancer data to all stakeholders is crucial to driving individual and health system change.  

In addition to leveraging cancer data to improve cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and survival, we publish a range of statistics for public, academic and government use:  


You can make a difference 

Our work is only possible because of your generous support. 32,000 Queenslanders were diagnosed with cancer last year, but only 7,000 accessed our support services. You can help us make sure no Queenslander faces cancer alone.  

Donations over $2 are tax deductible. 

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